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This site is intended to provide e-learning to enhance your enjoyment of diving
in the UK and the Red Sea.

  • The Marine ID modules are based on what we have seen on our club trips over the last few years and most of the photographs have been taken by club members. If there is another type of marine life you'd like some e-learning about let us know.

  • The section on Core Knowledge has air planning and diving signals. Let us know if there is something else you would like some notes about.

  • Fun and games is a selection of activities you can try in the pool. As well as being fun they will help you develop and improve your skills. Where equipment is needed ask the Equipment Officers.

  • Finally there is a selection of articles you can download giving advice about a few health and safety issues.

Use the menu bar to navigate to each set of modules.

If you have suggestions for more modules or feedback please email the club via our main website