Fun and Games
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Click on this image to download a PDF with all these games on.

We also have laminated sheets at the club with all these games on.
Buoyancy control and smoothness

How far and fast can you go with either:
  • A ping pong ball underneath a spoon
  • A golf ball on top of a spoon

2 skill levels
  • Easy (big) teaspoon
  • Hard (small) tea spoon

Added challenge

  • Can you get through the hoop with it? 

Can you throw and catch them?
  • Can you get them through the hoop?
  • Can you aim them at the hoop on the floor?

An extra challenge!!
  • Can you do this on the move, not just sitting on the pool floor!
Hungry sharks!!

Agree to either scatter the cubes randomly or place them in agreed locations around the pool then see who can collect their cubes first using the “hungry shark”
Noughts and Crosses

  • Can you play a game when only the slate is on the floor?
  • You can only touch the floor when you are writing on the slate.


  • Roll the jack and then take it in turns to see who can get their bowl nearest.


  • Use the golf balls as marbles
  • How many can you get onto the plastic circle?
  • Extra challenge – don’t sit on the pool floor while rolling them!


  • Can you blow a balloon up underwater?

Air bucket

  • How much air is needed to get the bucket to the surface?
  • Get air into the cup and then into the bucket


  • How many somersaults can you do in one minute without breaking the surface?

BCD challenge

  • Can you take your BCD off underwater (keeping the regulator in your mouth!!) and get it back on?
  • How about swopping BCDs? Leave swopping mouthpieces until the end!!
  • Can you take your weight belt off (or weight pockets out) and get them back in?

Fin challenge

Ever tried swimming in your scuba gear with your gear on but no fins?

  • Give it a go.

  • Who can get to the other side of the pool and back fastest?

Rib challenge practice!
Can you get yourself out of the pool at the side?
  • Grab the pool side
  • Bounce up and down 3 times
  • Fin like **** on the third up to get out